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What We Do

We are focusing on the economic, social, and environmental development of low-income communities in Ghana for poverty alleviation. We are a economists, data scientists, social scientists, investors, business developers, and humanitarians with the goal to eliminate rural poverty in Ghana and urban slums.


Our Approach

Our approach is to empower each community with projects that align with the natural resources, human capital, and social structure of the community. These are small medium enterprises (SMEs) that are well structured with adequate funding, intellectual capital, and technology to generate substantial economic benefits through job creation and demand for supporting services. These SMEs will also invest in social and environmental infrastructure, and be a community advocate for improved public infrastructure. No SME will operate in isolation. Rural to rural collaboration and rural-urban linkages will build a large market presence, improve product quality, eliminate seasonal effects of supply, and significantly mitigate climate change threats. 


Our Mission

Our mission is in the creation of improved livelihoods and wellbeing in profoundly poor communities in Ghana. We know this can be done through private-community partnerships addressing local issues and targeting inequalities of all forms. We are opening the doors of hope to new generations of Ghanaians born into abject poverty and neglect. We are not a charity nor are we philanthropists. We are enablers of a large untapped market which can influence economic growth and transition Ghana to a smart economy and more equitable sharing of wealth and wellbeing. 

Our Research

We are using intense data-driven techniques to fully characterize and understand the economic, social, environmental , and public infrastructure of low-income communities in Ghana. This is a continuous process that enables to monitor the effects of sustainable development of the community and its progress towards full sustainability and wellbeing. We use the power of cloud-based resources to analyze and report on our findings in near realtime. Our goal is to fully engage community members in the transformation of their community and to build social capital to add voice to initiatives to generalize their success across the country and the region and to advocate for policy changes.

Computational Social Science

Research and Development Locations

Tetegu Road, Accra, Ghana

Tefle, Volta Region, Ghana

Old Ningo, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Prampram, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Kubease, Ashanti Region, Ghana

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Gyamase, Ashanti Region, Ghana

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Ejura, Ashanti Region, Ghana

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Ntobroso, Ashanti Region, Ghana

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Adukrom, Western North Region, Ghana

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Bortianor, Accra, Ghana

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Our Office

Accra, Ghana

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